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With A1addin, rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Open a bank account from your smartphone.

Save fuel. Save time. Save hassle. With A1addin, you can open a bank account from your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Transfer money, in a snap.

Whether transfer funds to a bank account number, mobile number or ID number, we have you covered. And this can be done instantly.

Schedule or pay bills instantly.

Make payments to your JomPAY billers conveniently. Worry about missing any bill payments? Schedule them with A1addin!

Pay and get paid, with QR Pay.

Scan to pay. Show QR Code to get paid. Make payment when you shop and dine or pay to friends and family in a breeze.

Your NRIC is all you need to get started

Account opening can now be done online – instantly!

Expect a secure account application experience. With a few steps for identity verification, you can help us get to know you better, while keeping fraud at bay.

Step 1

Scan your NRIC

Step 2

Take a selfie

Step 3

Answer some questions for identity authentication

Step 4

Transfer your initial deposit for account activation

Coming Soon

Own A Cool Card or Go Cardless?

It's your call.
Soon you can opt to own a modern-designed A1addin debit card or totally go cardless.

Something new and cool, coming your way

New products are brewing, and it's all online... wait for it!

Too many cards in your wallets?

We dislike it too, hence we're going cardless - even for cash withdrawal.

A friend owes you money?

Let us help you request for it without all that awkwardness!

Who doesn’t like discounts and vouchers?

Of course you do. Don't worry, we won't disappoint you.

Wish to chat with A1addin?

Yeah, A1addin is eager to connect with you too, in a friendly way.